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Welcome to the February Issue

Take a look at what has been happening at college

We celebrate the good Lord who never stops sustaining us. After two years of lockdown, we are grateful to God who has kept us. We have now come as children of God who have started a new semester because of God’s grace. We have every reason to rise & shine.

This semester we received a new group of Uganda Studies Programme. We shall have a semester-long fellowship & build life-long relationships. We bless the Lord for them.
We also acknowledge our alumni as a precious gem that is proof of God’s timeless greatness. They have come back as mentors, lecturers and guests, & we love learning from them. In this issue, we introduce them to our readers; we show them off as proof that we too can make it. Thank you alumni for inspiring us.

May you enjoy this newsletter.

2022, here we come!


As is the norm is, college scholars started off the year with a General Assembly and a prayer session of dedicating the Easter semester, on the 20th of January 2022. During our General Assemblies Scholars share and listen to each other and to the Head of Department, they draw a plan for the semester and set expectations and make resolves together.

During our Assembly, we also agreed that our semester theme and verse would be picked from Isaiah 60:1. As a College, we shall hold the words in this timeless scripture as a call to us to arise and shine for the God who brought us out of the Covid-19 Lockdown; covid-19 was a thorn in everyone’s life and to many, the guns were laid down. However, this semester, we returned to school with gratitude because God brought us out of Lockdown.

Our semester song is Great is Thy Faithfulness, a wonderful hymn which was penned by William M. Runyan (1870-1957). This ageless hymn came from Lamentations 3:23 and we too are celebrating the faithfulness of God who has renewed His mercies for us persistently.

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Semester Theme

Arise and Shine

Arise and Shine

This theme is drawn from Isaiah 60:1 and as a college , we shall hold the words in this timeless scripture as a call to us to arise and shine for the God who brought us out of the Covid-19 Lockdown.

Semester Verse

Isaiah 60:1

Isaiah 60:1

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.”

Semester Song

Great is thy Faithfulness

Great is thy Faithfulness

This wonderful hymn was penned by William M. Runyan (1870-1957). This ageless hymn came from Lamentations 3:23 and we too are celebrating the faithfulness of God who has renewed His mercies for us persistently.


Short Highlights

Scholars attending a leadership workshop with Prof. Nyende on 3rd February

Prof. Nyende Shares with scholars

About Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing

 The topic of discussion was Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing. After his presentation, one scholar commented “This is a presentation you cannot find on google.” We appreciated his originality, pure intellect and genius. Thank you, Professor!


Honours College students pose for a picture with some of the USP students

Uganda Studies Program ( USP ) students return to UCU

A story by Patty Huston - Uganda Studies Program

Uganda Christian University (UCU) has welcomed two groups of American students through the Uganda Studies Program (USP).The first group of nine students returned home in December. The second group of 11 students arrived in January 2022. Coming from five North American-based universities, students choose global health, social work, or interdisciplinary emphasis…

Two families: Honours College and USP share a joyous moment


What a way to celebrate ...

I had anticipated the fun and excitement I was going to experience with my fellow scholars. I woke up effortlessly, this time, and got myself ready. Getting ready for the USP Welcome Party was simple; it involved looking presentable in a pair of blue jean trousers and a t-shirt. As soon as the mirror told me that my appearance was satisfactory enough….

Elizabeth Nabukeera
Elizabeth Nabukeera - USP Program Assistant

USP Program assistant shares her Honours College - USP Experience

Being a former student of Honors College, I was able to grow and develop my leadership skills, had spiritual growth and cross-cultural growth having had a platform and interaction with the USP programme. As an Honors College Scholar, I was involved in writing well-researched and relevant papers …

The Master of Ceremonies during one of the activities

My experience as MC – USP Welcome Party

The party commenced on 29th January 2022 at 11:45 am and the MCs of the day were myself, Ampumuza Natasha, and Awor Ritah Monica. Attendees introduced themselves by mentioning their names, course of study and things they like to do; Joshua Morris for example told us about his passion for rapping while Becky Mutesi talked about her love for singing.

Julius Lubangangeyo

Arise and Shine: A scholars Story

I had not anticipated that robbers would grab my backpack (it had the 3.5 Million Shillings and a laptop and a phone and my personal documents), and run away with them. Despair gripped me and as I agonised in pain I continued to my university hostel. I didn’t even have tears.I was broken as I gathered the feet beneath me to walk to my hostel; the next day I was needed at my internship place for supervision…

Alumni Profiles

This month we celebrate our alumni; they have been the centrepiece of the college. Their support and love have kept us going. We celebrate their generosity, their sacrifice and their commitment to our growth as a college. The same alumni volunteer as mentors, they come back as Guest Lecturers and give financial support to sustain our activities. All these wonderful people got something to share with you

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