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“There is a God in heaven, and it is not you.” This is a quote that drives Isabirye Emmanuel, who is the former Vice President of the Honours College of Uganda Christian University and a third-year student pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. The presence of God is not a minor issue to him and "the Fear of The Lord," as he quotes Proverbs 9:10 "is the beginning of wisdom." It is for this reason that in all his work, he ensures to portray reverence and glory to God. Excellence is not an option for Emmanuel as he aspires to set his mark and lasting presence on everything that he does. He has risen to the heights as an environment conservationist actively involved in policy and advocacy for Nature-Based Solutions to Sustainable Development. He has partnered in this field with organizations such as the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), UNDP for the SDGs and is currently working as a Facilitator for SDG7 with the Youth Constituency of the United Nations Major Group for Youth and Children. Mr Isabirye is also a Fellow at The Youth Connekt. His passion for environmental conservation and climate action motivated him to found the Green World Challenge (GWC). GWC was founded to provide a “holistic approach to solving some of society’s biggest challenges, specifically climate change.” The GWC has done this through the collection of dumped PET plastic bottles and adding value to them by turning them into expressive jewellery. This is definitely out of the box thinking. 

When asked for one word that describes his future, “Greatness” is all that Mr Isabirye Emmanuel sees. He is in preparation for this through seeking after skills and knowledge that will enable him to further contribute to SDG 13. Even though 2020 for most people has been labelled as a “dead year,” for Mr Isabirye Emmanuel, 2020 was a time to venture into deeper waters and an opportunity to widen his intellectual tents.  Within this period, he obtained a Diploma on the International Environmental Law and Governance, a Diploma on the International Legal Framework on the Protection of the Atmosphere, and a Diploma on the International Legal Framework on Agriculture, Land Degradation and Soil Protection. He was able to attain these online from The United Nations Environmental Law and Conventions Portal, online. 

With these skills and knowledge, Mr Emmanuel Isabirye has been able to offer excellent leadership at different levels including Uganda Christian University. He is at the top of his class, leading as a Class Coordinator and providing academic help to those who lag academically. In January 2020, Mr Isabirye Emmanuel was able to work with the Administration of the Honours College of UCU to organize the first-ever Grande Writing Clinic in UCU. This was under the theme “Advanced Writing skills for realizing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.” And it was attended by over 200 students and delegates who actively participated in discussions, and learning.  

The future is not “now” for Mr Emmanuel Isabirye who aspires for the best in everything, and I dare to say, keep your eyes open, because whatever good is ahead of you, he is part of it.

Juan Emmanuella Zamba

(Bachelor of Human Rights Peace & Humanitarian Intervention, Year 3)

Honours College


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