Social Enrichment Programs

The social enrichment programs include;


Every semester the Honours college students take a retreat . The retreat is aimed at helping student refocus on thier calling into the community of learning and to God's purpose for the world.
During the retreats, a mentor usually a Christian Leader in community is invited to facilitate exploration of issues of interest with the students at the plenary. Followingthe address by the mentor, students break into discussion groups to explore further issues raised in the plenary

Service Projects

These are outreaches to the community, with the aim of enabling students to develop their character of Christian Leadership and to be in touch with the socio-economic realities in the world in which they live.

Every semester students accomplise on-campus and off-campus service projects.

Schools Outreach

This has now become an important function of the Honours College community. Every semester , through the Academic Registry for admission, students take part in reaching out to school on career guidance. Through such visits, students have had opportunities to interact and offer supportive guidance to secondary school students in making appropriate choices on a broad range of issues that are personal,spiritual,academic and career related.

Internal and External Service Projects

Internal Service Project

Internal Service Project

Students of the Honours College participate in various activities within the university where they engage fellow students, staff and other people affiliated with the university. This is done through monthly cleaning, helping out with work in the dining hall, offering career and leadership guidance while at the same time getting / imparting knowledge to the peope in their sorroundings.
External Service Project

School Outreach Gallery

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