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Mentoring is an aspect of discipleship. It is important and imperative. It is the sum total of what the purpose of the Church is all about. Christ calls us to encourage and equip people so that we can all worship Christ and thus live out a real, effectual, impacted, Christian life. What you do not want is for your church people to simply be churchgoers who live for nothing and thus do nothing; rather, you want them to be partakers in the Kingdom. You should want your church to succeed in Christ; we do this by helping our people to hear and know the Word so we are all doers of His Word too. Guidance, learning, and support will make this work as we sharpen one another in love and obedience.

Students will be assigned an advisor/mentor who will help them cope as well as plan the academic programme. Such assignment will be as soon as the student joins Honours College, with preference being given to Honours College Alumni to serve as advisors. In order to provide continuity, a more personal relationaship and fuller information in the process of academic advising, students are encouraged to keep their first - year advisor through subsequent years. In case of difficulty with an advisor, they may seek direction from the Faculty Dean or Head of Department and the Honours College Coordinator.

B.A. Biblical Studies
M.A. Missions Studies
M.A. International Development

M.A. Biblical  Counseling, B.A. Social Work and Social Administration

B.A. Visual Art , M.A. Community Art

B.A. Psychology

Master's degree in Business Administration and Management


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