The system of learning through Honours College’s academic, social and spiritual enrichment programs, presupposes that students take responsibility for their learning by maximising the opportunities available for self-development. For this reason, students have wide latitude of freedom to explore and transform issues and challenges in their shared life into learning opportunity.

The academic component of the Honours College requires commitment, on the side of the student, to rigorous academic work. Since the students’ primary goal at the University is to study, they are required to take very seriously their academic responsibilities as outlined.

However, learning takes place in the context of a community. Though the semester schedule of activities ensures a formal teaching/learning climate, it is assumed that more learning takes place in informal ways through interaction and development of desirable values and attitudes. The community is thus an invaluable resource on which the individual taps for personal growth and professional development. In this respect, Honours College is more than simply a residential complex; it is a community of learning.

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

Students in the Honours College are expected to act as models and mentors of academic integrity. Hence any breach of academic discipline will be regarded most seriously and may result in dismissal from the College
Advisors/ Mentorsh
Academic Deficiencies
Advanced Assignments

Some of the students who have succeeded in Academics.

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