The main aim of the Honours College in Uganda Christian University is to enhance the development of leaders with excellence in academic, spiritual, social - economic and community leadership abilities.

Leaderhip in the Honours College is enhanced by providing opportunities for advanced assignments, interdisciplinary studies, research and academic discussions,Interaction with resident and visiting scholars, professionals in the field, academicians and leaders in the church and community. Seminars, workshops, and fieldtrips are periodically arranged to augment students’ academic development. Special academic opportunities, tutorials and mentoring process from distinguished and committed faculty members are availed and assessed to see the extent to which students are willing to go to learn. A practical approach to issues is encouraged and that is the sole reason our students participate and take a lead in all activities in the university through civic leadership at hall, guild, departmental and faculty levels. This in turn enhances the levels of leadership in the College and Uganda Christian University at large.

Current and Former Honours College students who have served the University in different Leadership capacities




Former Residential Assistant


Former Residential Assistant

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Food for Thought

"Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another."

- John C. Maxwell