Advanced Assignment Regulations


An advanced assignment is an extended essay, normally regarded as a significant additional work in the subject matter of class or other activity. It constitutes a very important part of the Academic Enhancement Programme of the Honours College.


Advanced Assignments shall be significant additional work in the subject matter of the course, forum discussion or study trip. It constitutes a very important part of students’ academic development that must be taken seriously.

Nature of Assignment

Advanced Assignment takes form of integration essay in which students are helped to integrate issues of academic engagement into their on – going professional formation.

Choice of Topic

Students may select a topic in any course offered in the semester. Other areas where a student may select a topic from include: Workshops, Thursday academic forum and Rwanda study trip.

Planning and Writing of the Assignment

Students are encouraged to do exploratory reading of literature available on their topics of research. This can help clarify the suitability of the topic already chosen, or to propose a new one. From exploratory reading a student should generate a preliminary bibliography – a list of suggested reading articles.

Presentation of the Assignment

In order to fulfil the Advanced Assignment requirement for the semester, a student is required to do an oral presentation, this will be done in the Thursday Academic Forum. It shall include a 10 – 15 minute presentation, with at least 5 pages in writing made during the Thursday Forum.

Integration Paper

Only final year students in the Honours College will do an Integration Paper in the final semester. Integration Paper is a story of the student’s journey of academic and professional formation through Honours College.

Grading of the Assignment

The assignment will be marked by the lecturer apart from the lecturer apart from the other coursework and examination. These will be reflected on the students’ Transcript upon graduation as non-credit course units undertaken in Leadership.

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